India: As industries pollute water, fishermen lose livelihood, Photo Story, Al Jazeera

Tamil Nadu farmers fight drought with organic farming, Photo Story, Al Jazeera

Paper cups: A silent killer of India's honeybees? Deutsche Welle

Climate-resilient agricultural methods help Andaman’s farmers, Mongabay India, Video Story from the Earth Journalism Network, Bay of Bengal grant

Podcast series, Tales from the Coast on climate change and coastal communities

Tales from the Coast part 1: With rising sea level and overfishing, coastal communities in Tamilnadu switch to integrated fish farming, Suno India

Part 2: With rising sea level and overfishing, coastal communities in Tamilnadu switch to integrated fish farming, Suno India


I have done over 15 stories on water relating, right from conservation of water by school children, the rivers originating from Western Ghats, the impact on fisheries, desalination etc. Of the five cover stories I have 

done for TerraGreen, TERI, three are on water. 

Ayyappa Masagi’s Water Literacy Foundation has helped 100,000 Indian farmers to fight drought using simple structures to capture rainwater

Borewells run dry? Crops failing? The Water Doctor will see you now,  The Guardian

River Linking: Boon or Bane, TerraGreen (Cover Story)

This is another article on fresh water and how it impacts the livelihood 

of the fishing community and people dependent on rivers for survival. 

Freshwater and Livelihood, Terragreen

This article talks about the importance of aquatic plants and how river destruction is impacting plants.

Aquatic Plants and Western Ghats Rivers,  TerraGreen

Environment and Energy

Low-cost cash box, Outlook Business

With ATMs that are one-fourth the cost of regular ones, Vortex Engineering

 is looking to crack the rural market

Harish Hande, the founder of Selco India and a Magsaysay Award winner speaks about offgrid solar in rural India, Terragreen

'India too can integrate wind and hydro power', Outlook Business

- Interview with Hans Jorgen Koch, Deputy State Secretary, Ministry o f Climate and Energy, Denmark

E-waste Recycling, Outlook Business

Recycling of e-waste will take off in a big way soon.

Digital Disaster, Outlook Business

Little e-waste is processed, as there are no rules for disposal. Coming from ‘green’ companies, that’s lame

Energy beneath your feet, Outlook Business

Countries are taking to geothermal power. India could too—provided the government wakes up

Wildlife and Conservation

Snow Leopard conservation brings social, economic development to Ladakhi villages, Edgein Magazine

In the underdeveloped Himalayan region, Ladakhi homestays not just offer a space to trekkers, but provides livelihood to the locals, and saves the critically endangered snow leopards.

Human Elephant conflict is a widespread issue today. A scientist ropes 

in local people and brings harmonious co-existence between the 

pachyderms and humans.

Living in harmony with elephants, TerraGreen

Litter and Plastic, photographers who trample the endangered flora and fauna, horse riding and tourism pose threat to Kas Plateau

People, Plastic Perturb UNESCO heritage siteTerraGreen

The critically endangered Gangetic Dolphins call for help!

Troubled dolphin waters, The Hindu Business Line

Another of the less known critically endangered Pygmy Hogs are few

 in numbers. Here is an article on how they disappeared. 

The Pygmy hogs the limelight, The Hindu Business Line

Wondered why we need to save birds?

Here is a story on the economics of bird conservation and why we need to 

save them for our own good.

Economics of bird conservation, TerraGreen


Tsunami Anniversary Stories on Climate Change Adaptation

 A Cyclone Shelter which was converted into a community college not just empowered local communities to face disaster, but also gave them an option to learn disaster management as an elective in this college.

India’s coastal villages map out disasters strategy, Climate News Network

India's fishermen prepare for disaster using technology applications; reducing life risks, and better fish catch

Satellite data aid India’s fishermen for better livelihood, Rural 21

Development/Rural Reporting

Snakebites are a crucial, yet underreported issue in many South Asian countries. In India, they kill some 50,000 people every year. However, the government has neglected the issue. Now, it’s time to seriously address this all but forgotten public health problem

Snakebite brings social and financial burden among Indian farmers, Rural 21

In Nagapattinam district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, a group of organic farmers have set up a producer company on their own effort. These farmers have conserved 180 varieties of traditional rice eleven of which are produced today. They are seed savers, procure funds on credit loans, produce chemical-free food, and market it without any government support.

The seed savers of Tamilnadu, Rural 21

With the awareness levels rising about GMs and the need for organic farming rising sharply, there are fewer chances that BT Brinjal will be accepted for consumption

For a better tomorrow, Outlook Business

Each day, thousands of Indians leave their homes in villages and make a beeline for the big city. So me make it, while others end up worse off than before

Opinion: BT Brinjal Mistake, Dhaka Tribune

AgriConnect helps farmers to break away from middlemen.

Farmers cash in on new information system, Rural 21

In the rural areas of the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh, a lack of electricity and dearth of teachers are obstacles to a functioning school system. A newly developed electronic device called I-slate, which runs on solar energy and encourages self-learning among children, may open up new perspectives, provided the government supports this new technology.

The Solar Slate, Rural 21

A holistic method of organic farming has reversed the harm reached to Nemmeli village due to high-intensity, high-inputs agriculture. It has also helped in pushing back soil salinity

Integrated organic farming revives Nemmeli’s fields, Village Square

Fruits Of Science, Outlook Business

This IIT-educated engineer to o k to farming for the love of it, and applied science and thought to it. The result: 30 0 % increase in productivity.

Dell of Farming, Outlook Business

In Tamil Nadu, a farmer market has helped farmers go direct to consumers

Business and Enterprise

Gateway to the world, Outlook Business

It’s long been ho me to many wonders o f the world. No w, Egypt is setting itself up as an export base for companies seeking access to that part of the world and beyond

A suitable boy no longer, Outlook Business

After long being the most-preferred candidate in the marriage market, the NRI groom has lost ground in recent years. With the global meltdown, his bride hunt will only get tougher

Second innings, Outlook Business

Avtar Career Creators helps women find work-home balance, by finding part-time work for them

Good housekeeper, Outlook Business

Come rain or storm, Chennai-based Updater Services keeps the wheels turning in offices across the country

B-School Master, Outlook Business

He’s studied in them, taught in them, and helped start a few of them. Now, Bala Balachandran has his o wn B-school.

In Good Shape, Outlook Business

Gym chains are a dime a dozen in the country. Fitness One stands out because it sets up gyms for companies and individuals

Passage to India, Outlook Business

When expats come to India, the last thing they want is to ‘deal’ with India. 

Global Adjustments hand-holds them through the transition


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